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Introducing the WooCommerce Custom Order Emails plugin which enables your WooCommerce store to send the custom order emails to the customer with editor support for your own choice of template for each order email.


The idea behind developing this plugin was to help store managers to send order emails of their choice to customers when they have custom order statuses and they want to send emails when order changes it’s custom status. WooCommerce does not provide the facility to add custom order emails of user’s choice. So we decided to make this idea into practice and we were able to achieve what we were planning to do. Thanks to WooCommerce’s hooks and filters 😛


  • WP Editor support for email template
  • Place holders for orders information like order items display, order number, date, billing emails and many more.
  • Choose WooCommerce Order status change
  • Email Recipients with BCC support if only send to customer
  • Send to only customer
  • WooCommerce Email Settings features
Woo Custom Email Download

Woo Custom Email Download

Contributors : @mehulkaklotar @Utkarsh_ME @DipsKakadiya

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